The Literary London Walking Tour

The Literary London Walking Tour

Literary London Walking Tour

The London walking tour with a difference. In just a couple of hours, see the capital of Great Britain like never before. Walk in the footsteps of Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. Take a stroll through the sex and seduction of Bloomsbury and learn about its complicated and fascinating love triangles. Listen to the hilarious stories of Faber & Faber and the touching role played by Gay's the Word in the London of today. Plus, discover the best places in London to shop for beautiful old books whilst learning about the city from local, knowledgeable, passionate guides. 

What makes Most Curious different? Your guide is an active member of the London literary scene, a working poet who will perform their own work as well as that of the greats from history.

When?  Sunday afternoon at 2pm

Where?  Outside Russell Square Tube  Station

What?  2 hour tour, a poet-guide, an upcoming What's On events calendar and a beautiful hand-drawn route map

How much? £10 per person - group discounts available

Sounds fabulous.  How do I book?  Contact us to check availability and book below!



"It was highly informative yet accessible to everyone. Our group was mostly English students, but even the ones in our group that didn't study English had a great time. Would definitely go again"